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The Sun Grant BioWeb is a non-commercial, educational website that provides current information about biomass resources for bioenergy and bioproducts. This site is designed to help you understand: What biomass is, where it is, and how much is available; The ways it can be converted to biofuels, biopower, and bioproducts; The current state of biomass technology, research, production, and use; and biomass economics and policy.
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Project Leadership
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Project Overview

BioWeb is an online resource for information and data on bioenergy and bioproducts created from biomass. This electronic resource allows data to be dynamically compiled into practical and relevant content on a particular topic of interest. The content is available at three varying levels of complexity for use by diverse audiences. This project has engaged some of the country’s top experts to provide a comprehensive analysis of the current state of biomass, alternative paths for biomass development, and economic and policy considerations. BioWeb also describes regional differences and opportunities related to biomass. Information found on this site is useful for scientific researchers, policy makers, large- and small-scale industry, agricultural producers, and anyone who wants to learn more about biomass and its uses.

BioWeb represents a joint effort of the five U.S. regional Sun Grant Centers of Excellence (University of Tennessee, South Dakota State University, Oregon State University, Oklahoma State University, and Cornell University). BioWeb contributors represent a broad spectrum of expertise in the biomass arena, including universities, national laboratories, federal agencies, state governments, and private industry. BioWeb is not new research or unvetted ideas. Rather, it is a first-of-its-kind organization and packaging of existing work, reviewed by academic professionals for accuracy. This resource complements existing research and educational efforts. BioWeb fills a niche that can benefit all agencies, organizations, and individuals contributing to the advancement of a feasible and valuable biobased industry for America.

BioWeb Credits

BioWeb is a project of the Sun Grant Initiative – a national program coordinated by five regional Centers of Excellence. Within these centers and with the cooperation of other partner institutions, the following individuals have worked collaboratively to facilitate the BioWeb’s development and progress.   The BioWeb Project and The Sun Grant Association extend gratitude to the University of Tennessee for hosting BioWeb operations, including the provision of technology hosting, staff workspace, and other support. Many thanks go out to all Sun Grant institution and university personnel, and to all the other contributors who made this project possible.


Research Section Coordinators identify top industry, government, and academic experts to author content related to specific bioenergy and bioproducts fields. Content reviewers are selected in a similar process. Both authors and reviewers are recognized authorities in their respective fields. Section Coordinators also serve as primary editors for the major focus areas (Biomass Resources, Biofuels, Biopower, and Bioproducts). All content of BioWeb is reviewed by independent authorities who have expertise and familiarity with the assigned subject matter. Reviewers are responsible for ensuring that content meets with BioWeb’s standards of accuracy, relevancy, and quality.   Once content is approved for publication, a technical writing team further edits the content and formats it for presentation in three different levels of detail. The three levels are: At-A-Glance (an overview summary), General (a more detailed but condensed version of the content), and Technical (the full academic text). Users may access content through searches, a table of contents, or prepared navigation channels.

Contact Us:

For more detailed information about BioWeb, please contact us at sungrant@utk.edu, or:

Sun Grant BioWeb
The University of Tennessee
2506 Jacob Drive
Knoxville, TN 37996-4542